The Parable of the Pink Flower Gardens by the Prison Gate

Flowers by the PrisonEn route on an errand today, I happened to drive by the state prison. I noticed small flower gardens on each side of the entrance gate to the facility. I was touched that a facility with high-security, barbwire fences that may likely never win an award for being the most aesthetically pleasing building structure, at least compared to any design by Frank Lloyd Wright, has garden flowers to welcome everyone who passes by or through the gate. It was a nice reminder that everything we encounter has a silver lining or pink flower garden to look for. Even long lines, high electric bills, and new scratches or dings on our cars hold beauty in them; after all, they mean we have something worth waiting for, a home to heat or cool, and a car to make transportation accessible.

What “pink flower gardens” have brought a touch of beauty or peace to your world lately?

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