Land Sweet Land: The Parable of This Little Lot of Mine

This Little Lot of MineI bought a lot last week. “A lot of what?” you might ask. My response: a lot.

No, really, I bought a lot, or as Merriam-Webster defines it, “a portion of land; a measured parcel of land having fixed boundaries and designated on a plot or survey.”

That’s right. I am officially a property owner. The little pile of dirt in the photo at left is now mine. Well, technically it still belongs to the bank, but it will be mine eventually. I’ve been eyeing this piece of property for about a year and a half, but it was too expensive. With the slowing economy, the price finally dropped to a rate I could afford.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve driven by it over the last 18 (or more?) months, hoping upon hope that I could eventually call it home. I feel so blessed and grateful that it ended up in my hands. After I waited that long to obtain the property, you’d think my parable today would be about patience. It could be, but it’s not. Instead, this little plot of land makes me think about having a dream.

But before I get into that, let me tell you why I love this land so much. I love it because it has a view of the valley, which is incredible at night. I love it because I can see three temples from the backyard, which brings me peace beyond comprehension to look at. I love it because I can envision a garden in the back that will teach me about labor and about stewardship. I love it because I can picture a red-brick home with white trim standing firm on the foundation; I probably won’t have a white picket fence, but I do hope to have a flagpole. I love it because I can picture that home having a library and an abundance of board games; I can picture it filled with family, friends, laughter, testimony, and love.

That little piece of property may look like it’s just a mound of dirt (and a plethora of rocks, which you can’t see here), but in reality, it’s filled with dreams. I don’t plan to build on it soon, but one day in the future it will see the reality of many of those dreams. This little land of mine, I’m going to let it shine.

Just like each new day we’re given; each new person we have the opportunity to meet, learn from, and grow together with; each new book we can read; and each new experience provided to us in our lives, this land is filled with possibilities and dreams that have yet to come to fruition. There’s a wonderful excitement that comes with having those dreams.

The world is waiting at our hands for us to create something new with what we have. I’d love to hear what you’re creating—just leave a comment.

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