The Parable of the Spiders

Doodlebug Design Braddies,

I really could live without spiders, thank you very much. I didn’t need one greeting me this morning when I opened the pantry door to find my granola. I didn’t need one dropping down to say hello—just a few inches from my face—while I worked on the computer last night. In fact, I didn’t need one crawling across my duvet last month, and I didn’t need him then flying through the air when I turned down the covers without realizing he was there waiting for the ride of his life.

So you see, after discovering three spiders in less than 24 hours, this evening I found myself asking, once again, why do we need spiders? Yes, I know there are ecological reasons and that these arachnids play their part in the earth’s system. But I’ve still had to wonder if there could have been another solution. Until today. Tonight it hit me why Heavenly Father made spiders—and so many of them.

Every time I think of spiders and wonder about their creation, it reminds me that God created them. And then I am gently reminded that He created me, too. I may not fully understand the reason that spiders exist, but He does. Just as He who created me knows my full purpose and potential, too. I suppose the shivers that ensue each time a spider greets me unexpectedly are a small price to pay for that important reminder.

P.S. Since I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of a real spider (eek!), I thought I’d share these gems: Spidies Braddies from Doodlebug Design. They’re one type of spider I wouldn’t mind crawling into my home each morning—especially when it’s time to scrapbook Halloween photos.

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